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Tired of watching silver being manipulated? - This article was featured at Kitco.com Feb 22nd 2021

THIS IS MY FOURTH GOLD BULL MARKET! - Peter’s latest article was featured at www.kitco.com August 27/2020 AD

Could we be living in the ‘End Times?' - These are ‘unusual times’

Feast your eyes upon four timely charts! - This article was featured at www.kitco.com on March 3rd 2020 and it was read by many thousands of investors

Some positive gold market charts - This article was recently featured at www.gold-eagle.com , www.goldseek.com and www.talkmarkets.com

A chart that alerted us over a week ago, that an upside breakout was imminent - This article was featured at Kitco.com between Dec 24 and Dec 31 2019

While many analysts are waiting for a pullback... - This article was featured at www.talkmarkets.com on Sept 04/2019 AD

The Mother of all Gold Bull Markets - This article was featured at Kitco.com on August 8/2019

Gold is Ready for Lift-off, Silver Also - Peter’s latest article, as it appeared on www.kitco.com on May 3rd 2019

Is The Gold Bull Back? - Another widely distributed article written by Peter

Degraaf's Thursday Morning Report Mar 26/2020 AD - A sample of a Degraaf Report

Eleven Reasons Why I Am Super Bullish On Gold and Silver - including many excellent, easy to interpret, charts

A New Bull Market In Commodities Is Emerging - A recent Degraaf article at a popular website

Investing for Profit and Safety - This article was published in the Old Schoolhouse Magazine (www.theoldschoolhouse.com) in March of 2019

Worthwhile Quotes - For our benefit

Four Stages of a Bull Market - Chart

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